Auto Duct Forming Line Model ADF 1250FS and ADF 1500FS

DUCTFAB Auto Duct Forming Line is a state-of-art, fully automatic Rectangular Duct Forming line. It is available in 1250 mm or 1500 mm in width. It can perform all operations required to make straight rectangular ducts.

Smartly designed beading & straightening station is easy to handle and produces very precision material movement. The Head is powered by AC servo Motor for very precise movement of sheet metal. Easy to operate – beading depth can be adjusted just by rotating the handle at one end. Notching heads are equipped with “V” and Corner notch punches for TDC, TDF, ‘C’ Cleat, ‘S’ Cleat, Knock-On Flanges, Pittsburgh and Snap Lock.

User-friendly PLC control makes it easy to select the shape, size and quantity of ductwork required.

Two decoilers are mounted on a common stand can take coils up to 7 tonnes.

DUCTFAB Auto Duct Forming Line is built to last longer, produce more and deliver the highest levels of quality and value.