CNC Plasma Machine
Model SpitFire


WNS India, through the years, has provided innovative products to its customers in HVAC to take manufacturing duct-work to a different level altogether. This influence on duct-work making sets us significantly apart. Yet another introduction in our effort to give world class products to our customers is our latest innovation – CNC Plasma Cutting Machine. Rugged yet flexible plasma cutting machine is a great solution for processing HVAC duct fittings. Rack and pinion drive provides superb positioning accuracy for unmatched part quality. Fast, clean and accurate, our CNC Plasma Cutting System drastically reduces waste material and operating costs, resulting in greater profitability.

* Cutting Area
– 1500 mm x 3000 mm (approx 5ftx10ft)

* Machine Control
– ADTECH 4500 or similar

* Cutting Unit
– Hypertherm PowerMax 45 or similar

* Cutting Capacity
– PowerMax 45 Cutting capacity is 10 mm(3/8″) in Mild Steel

However our machine is designed for HVAC application and as such can take load equivalent to 2 mm thick 1500 mm X 3000 mm sheet



Length 4,000 mm
Width 2,200 mm
Height 1,200 mm
Weight 800 Kgs
Electrical Connection 415 Volt; 50 Hz;3 Phase