Flat S Cleat Rollformer FSC 20

DUCTFAB 22swg (0.8 mm) ‘S’ CLEAT ROLLFORMERS are 9 station machines. The machine design has one inboard and two outboard forming positions. These Rollformers are used in the HVAC industry for joining two ducts together in conjunction with drive cleat and plain seam rolls.  

Flat ‘S’ cleat rolls are fitted inboard. Outboard double extended shafts allow many auxiliary roll fitting and forming.

WNS Rollformers are manufactured with all-steel side plates.  The shafts, forming rolls, gears and guide fences are all hardened, and needle bearings are fitted throughout.

Flat ‘S’ Cleat profiles have been designed to complement the drive cleat profile as a means of joining when making in-line duct connections.