Auto Duct Forming Line      Model 1500 FS


Auto Duct Forming Line – FS-1500 is a state-of-art, fully automatic coil line. It can perform all operations required to make straight rectangular ducts. It uses PLC based control system and AC Servo Motor for high accuracy and power. The notching heads, folding and shearing is hydraulically operated. It comes with powered decoilers (two on single stand) of capacity 1500 mm x 6 tons. One can add-on more decoilers if required.The design also make coil loading and unloading very easy. Optionally, we offer strong 1500 mm x 4 tons capacity decoiler in standard “A” frame design. This is a free standing, free rotating design

Smartly designed beading & straightening station is easy to handle and produces very precision coil movement. The standard beading head provides 5 Nos.U shaped SMACNA beads. The Head is powered by AC servo Motor for very precision movement of sheet metal. Easy to operate beading and straightening station can be adjusted just by rotating handles at one end.Notching heads are equipped with “V” and Corner notch punches for TDC, TDF, ‘C’ Cleat, ‘S’ Cleat, Knock-On Flanges, Pittsburgh and Snap Lock.



Shearing and Folding upto 1.5 mm
Beading upto 1.0 mm
Notching Max 1.2 mm
Minimum ‘L’ 150 mm x 150 mm
Minimum ‘Box’ 200 mm x 200 mm
Maximum Width 1500 mm
Maximum Coil Weight
– Free Rotating
– Motorized
4000 kgs
7000 kgs
Power 12 Hp (9 Kw)