Pittsburgh Rollformer
Model RF 20


A “must have” machine for every Duct Shop – small or big!

Pittsburgh Lock, sometimes also known in India as “Double” is most common internationally used joint for joining sheet metal at right angles on straight runs to make airtight and strong duct-work. Model RF-20 Pittsburgh Rollformers have 5 forming stations with 2 forming positions.

Female Pittsuburgh forming is with rolls mounted inboard and various optional rolls like Double Seam(ACME), Right Angle Flange or ‘C’ Cleat (Drive Cleat)can be fitted on oubboard side. The flanging attachment (an optional extra) is used to form right angle edge on round or irregular curve edges. This attachment is very handy for fabricating fittings like elbows, tee piece etc. Steel welded frame with powder coating offers increased stability. RF 20 is capable of forming a maximum of 1 mm (20g).



Length 1067 mm
Width 508 mm
Height 1067 mm
Weight 115 kgs
Motor 115 kgs