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Pittsburgh Lock Rollforming Machines Model RF 16 / RF 18

Introducing our Pittsburgh Lock Forming Machines – the indispensable workhorse for every duct shop, catering to both small and large-scale operations! The Pittsburgh Lock, known as the 'Double' in India, is the internationally recognized joint for creating airtight and robust duct-work at right angles on straight runs. Our Lock Forming Machines, specifically designed for Pittsburgh Lock applications, exemplify precision, strength, and efficiency in the sheet metal fabrication process.

The Roll Forming Lock Forming Machines for Pittsburgh Lock from DUCTFAB represent the epitome of quality and reliability in the duct manufacturing industry. With their advanced features, optional customization, and sturdy construction, these machines are tailored to meet the diverse needs of duct shops, elevating the efficiency and precision of the sheet metal fabrication process. Trust in DUCTFAB for your duct-forming solutions.

  1. Universal Joint for Ducts
    • The Pittsburgh Lock, or 'Double,' is the go-to joint for joining sheet metal at right angles, ensuring the creation of airtight and sturdy duct-work.
  2. Optimized Forming Stations
    • The Pittsburgh Lock Forming Machines are equipped with 7 forming stations, providing precision and versatility in the fabrication process.
    • With 2 forming positions, these machines offer enhanced flexibility for diverse sheet metal forming requirements.
  3. Optional Rolls for Customization
    • Female Pittsburgh forming with inboard-mounted rolls ensures accurate and consistent joints.
    • Optional rolls, including Double Seam, Right Angle Flange, or 'C' Cleat (Drive Cleat), can be fitted on the outboard side for customized applications.
  4. Sturdy Construction
    • The steel welded frame with powder coating ensures a robust and durable machine, offering increased stability during operation.
    • Designed for longevity and reliability in the demanding environment of duct fabrication.
  5. Maximum Forming Capacities
    • RF 16, part of our Lock Forming Machine series, is capable of forming a maximum of 1.5 mm (16g) sheet metal thickness.
    • RF 18 excels in forming with a maximum capacity of 1.2 mm (18g), meeting a variety of sheet metal thickness requirements.
  6. Versatility for Every Duct Shop
    • Ideal for both small and large duct shops, these machines serve as versatile solutions for Pittsburgh Lock applications.
    • A must-have for ensuring efficient and precise duct fabrication.