Ductfab Equipments Pvt.Ltd

(Formerly W. Neal Services (India) Pvt. Ltd)

DUCTFAB EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD. [Formerly W. Neal Services (India) Pvt. Ltd] was established in 1999. The Company has been making its mark on the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) sector as the leading supplier of Rollformers, Coil lines and other duct forming machines.

With the time tested technical know-how from its joint venture company, W. Neal Services Ltd., England, UK and its high benchmarks in production and quality processes, DUCTFAB is producing some of the finest equipments for the HVAC sector. Located in Navi Mumbai, on the outskirts of Mumbai, the company has a manufacturing set up of CNC machines to produce exceedingly accurate and consistent quality parts.

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Our Technology Partner

W Neal Services Ltd, England, UK


William Neal

Craig Neal

Our Core Features

Time Tested International Technology

Having effectiveness that has been proved for more than four decades

Best Quality Products at Competitive Prices

High quality products that are as par with similar American/European Products & at a better Price.

Global Clientele

Machines regularly exported to companies based in U.K, Middle East Asia and Sri Lanka.

Personalized Customer Service

Quick turnarounds on service-requests.

Trusted solutions for duct fabrication

Sectors we work in

Nuclear Power project
HVAC Ducting for the Nuclear Power projects is fabricated using our machines.
Our machines are used to make HVAC Ducting in large Hospitals in most Metro Cities and other cities .
Our machines are used to make HVAC Ducting in large Malls in most Metro Cities and other cities .
Underground Metro
HVAC Ducting in Metro stations and the underground tunnels is made using our machines.
Mumbai Airport
Our machines are used to make HVAC Ducting in major Airports in India.
Steel Industry
GP Steel Manufacturing plants use our machines for quality inspection of GP Sheets & Coils.

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will"

Mahatma Gandhi

Elbow Sample

T piece sample

TDF Duct Sample

RF 16 Rollformer

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Auto Duct Forming Line Model