Ductfab Equipments Pvt. Ltd.



Hand And Power Swagers

Introducing DUCTFAB Hand and Power Swager Machines – precision-engineered tools designed for exceptional productivity and extended operational life in the sheet metal fabrication industry. These swaging machines are adept at achieving a variety of profiles through the utilization of different roll types, ensuring versatility for a wide range of applications. With the inclusion of hardened forming rolls, these machines are built for durability. The power machines are available in two models: PS 215 and PS 280.

These DUCTFAB Swager Machines are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of a dynamic sheet metal fabrication environment, offering a combination of reliability, versatility, and efficiency for achieving diverse profiles. Whether using the power models or the manual HS 215, elevate your swaging capabilities with DUCTFAB's robust and powerful swager machines.

  1. Versatile Profile Formation
    • Capable of achieving numerous profiles using different types of rolls, allowing for versatile sheet metal fabrication.
  2. 2. Hardened Forming Rolls
    • • All forming rolls are hardened, ensuring prolonged durability and resilience under heavy-duty usage.
    • The sheet is placed on the entry table, guided by fences, and seamlessly passed through the machine for optimal results.
  3. Strength and Professionalism
    • The beading process enhances the strength of the ducts, resulting in a more robust and professional-looking final product.
    • Ideal for creating ducts that meet high-quality standards and industry specifications.
  4. Modern Alternative
    • Offers a contemporary and efficient alternative to the traditional hand method of cross-breaking.
    • Streamlines the beading process, saving time and effort while maintaining precision.
  5. Enhanced Duct Quality
    • Ducts manufactured using our Beading Machine stand out for their superior quality and structural integrity.
    • Provides a reliable solution for achieving consistent and high-quality results in duct fabrication.
  6. Versatile Application
    • Suitable for a variety of duct sizes and materials, catering to the diverse needs of manufacturers.
  7. Boosts Operational Efficiency
    • A boon for medium and small duct manufacturers, optimizing production processes and reducing manual labor.