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TDF Flange Former - Model: TDF 34

Introducing the DUCTFAB TDF Flange Forming Machine – an efficient and cost-effective solution for connecting two ducts seamlessly. The TDF (Transverse Duct Flange) is an integral flange formed on both ends of a duct, offering a convenient and quick method for duct connection. With a flange height of 34mm (+/-0.5mm), the TDF Flange Forming Machine, equipped with 16 forming stations, produces a robust integral flange on ducting.

The DUCTFAB TDF Flange Forming Machine is designed to streamline the process of creating integral flanges on ducting, providing a reliable and efficient solution for duct connection. Whether used independently or in combination with other duct fabrication tools, this machine contributes to a cost-effective and precise duct joining process. Elevate your ductwork manufacturing capabilities with the DUCTFAB TDF Flange Forming Machine.

  1. Convenient Duct Connection
    • TDF Flange provides a convenient, quick, and low-cost way of connecting two ducts to each other.
  2. Integral Flange Formation
    • The machine features 16 forming stations, ensuring the production of a strong integral flange on ducting.
  3. Dual-Sided Operation
    • One side of the machine is equipped with rolls for TDF Flange formation, while the second side has rolls for TDF Cleat, enhancing versatility.
  4. Flange Height Specification
    • The flange height is set at 34mm (+/-0.5mm), meeting standard specifications for TDF flange dimensions.
  5. Cost-Effective Duct Joining
    • In combination with a TDF Folder and Corner pieces, this machine offers a cost-effective solution for joining one duct to another in a seamless manner.