Ductfab Equipments Pvt. Ltd.



CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Model Spitfire 1530 & 1540

Introducing the DUCTFAB CNC Plasma Cutting Machine – our latest innovation that elevates duct-work manufacturing to unprecedented levels. At DUCTFAB, India, our commitment to providing innovative products to the HVAC industry has set us apart, and the CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is no exception. This rugged yet flexible cutting machine is designed to revolutionize the processing of HVAC duct fittings, offering a host of features for precision, speed, and efficiency.

Take your HVAC duct manufacturing to new heights with the DUCTFAB CNC Plasma Cutting Machine. Our commitment to providing world-class products is evident in this cutting-edge innovation, delivering precision, speed, and efficiency to your duct fabrication processes. Experience the future of duct manufacturing with DUCTFAB.

  1. Innovation in Duct-Work Making
    • DUCTFAB has a history of providing innovative products to HVAC customers, pushing the boundaries of duct-work manufacturing.
  2. Rugged Flexibility
    • The CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is built with a rugged yet flexible design, ensuring durability and adaptability in various manufacturing environments.
  3. Fast, Clean, and Accurate
    • This cutting-edge system offers fast and clean cutting, achieving high levels of accuracy in every operation.
    • Reduces waste material significantly, contributing to cost savings and operational efficiency.
  4. Cutting Area
    • The cutting area spans an impressive 1,500mm x 3,000mm & 1500mm x 4000mm, providing ample space for versatile manufacturing.
  5. Cutting Thickness
    • Capable of handling a maximum cutting thickness of 2 mm, ensuring versatility for a range of duct applications.
  6. Machine Control
    • Equipped with a sophisticated control system – StarFire or a similar advanced control system for seamless operation and precision control.
  7. Greater Profitability
    • Drastically reduces waste material and operating costs, leading to enhanced profitability for manufacturers.