DUCTFAB Swagers, also known as Rotary Machines are built for productivity and long working life.

Many different profiles can be achieved with different types of rolls. All forming rolls are hardened for long life.


Throat Depth 100 mm

Crimping and Beading (Swaging) rolls when used together, the capacity is max. 24 g (0.6 mm) on GI

Only Beading (Swaging), Capacity is max. 20 g (1 mm) on Galvanised material

Only Crimping, Capacity is max. 22 g (0.8 mm)

Stand offered at extra price.



Single pass Crimping and Beading up to 24 g (0.6 mm)

Needle Bearings – not bushing – which provides 75% less friction for smoother operation.

Hardened and ground shafts for long life and smooth operation.

Bottom Shaft is movable to align the Rolls. A little tap on roll end or handle end of bottom shaft moves it backward or forward. Once the rolls align, lock it in place with locking screw.

Machine can be ready for only Beading (Swaging) upto 20g (1mm) or only Crimping by using spacers provided with machine.

Six set of Rolls (including crimper and beader) is supplied with the machine.