SBKJ Tubeformer SBTF 1602

Tubeformer is a Spiral Duct Machine that produces straight round spiral ducts. It is mostly used in HVAC Industry and also in mining, jacketing and void forming sectors. SBTF 1602 uses forming heads (moulds) of fixed diameter to make different diameter spiral tube.

The 1602 spiral duct forming machine forms ducts with a diameter range of 80 to 160mm, and a maximum worktable thickness of 1.3mm for galvanized sheets, 0.8mm for stainless steel, and 1.3mm for aluminium sheets. The machine can also be programmed to cut to the exact length for precision trimming, thereby increasing production efficiency.

The outstanding patented flying slitter cuts the tubes to length without noise or hot sparks as known from the saws and provides smooth tube ends without deburring.

The design and options fulfill the need of round ducting in HVAC in mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminium

The corrugation unit allows a reduction in material costs and makes the bigger diameter tubes more rigid.

Also available is SBKJ Spiral Tubeformer SBTF-2020. It can form diameter 80 to 2500 mm and thickness 0.4 to 2 mm on Galvanised steel